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Top 6 DIY Home Repairs Anyone Can Do

6 Home Diy RepairsRepairing some parts of your house is part of home ownership. Thus, you need to be familiar with it or your stuff & wallet will suffer over time!

Either your house needs some repairs or you just want to change the looks of your house, calling a construction company or an experienced repairman is not always the solution. You can actually take matters to your hand by initiating a DIY home repair project.

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Below is the top 6 DIY home repairs anyone can do:

1. Repainting Walls

Paint is a very big part of your house. If you are planning to paint your whole room or just need to cover something, paint can make or break the look of your house.

What to do:

• Start by removing the things that can distract your painting project.
• If you have an unobstructed shot on your walls, use a damp cloth to remove it.
• If you have pesky dust and grime on your wall, you can use grease to remove them.
• Now you are ready to paint.

2. Silencing a Creaky Floor

Annoyed with the sound that your foot or floor makes when you walk? Who is not? Imagine yourself sleeping and dreaming when your sister walks and you hear the creaky noise, perfect for ruining a good night’s sleep, right?

What to do:

• Sprinkle baby powder over the noisy floor.
• Sweep into the cracks.
• Remove the traces of powder if you have to refinish the floor.

3. Removing Wall Decals

Tired of the same wall decals that you see everyday and you need to remove them so that you can have a new one for a fresher look on your room? Yes, you can. But you don’t know how because these decals leave marks on your wall and these marks look really ugly when you replace them, right?

What to do:

• Get a WD-40 and spray the surrounding areas of the decals.
• Lift the edges of the decals and spray.
• Let the WD-40 sit for a while.
• Scrape those decals away by using a worn out credit card.
• Remove the grease of the WD-40 with liquid dishwashing soap.

4. Muzzling Noisy Doors

Don’t you just hate it when the door slams? It is as if there is always a fight in the house. This is another sleep destroyer.

What to do:

• Get a peel-and-stick foam and affix them to the slam of the door.
• Get a rubber band and wrap them around the knobs.
• Do not cover the latch.

5. Cleaning Dirty Decanters

Isn’t it hard to clean dirty decanters because you cannot fit your hand to those containers? You get annoyed that you just leave them dirty. Well, you can now clean them “hands free!”

What to do:

• Get some warm-to-hot water, and pour it into the decanter.
• Get a dish-washing liquid and pour 5-6 drops into the flask.
• Add 2 spoons of white vinegar .
• Add a cup of uncooked rice.
• Swirl and shake the rice for a few minutes.
• Empty the decanter.
• Rinse it with warm water.
• Air dry.

6. Plumping Up Deflated Cushions

Laying your heads down with a deflated pillow can cause headaches, especially when you are used to laying comfortably with fluffy pillows. But what if those pillows are already worn out?

What to do:

• Let the pillows sit under the sun for half a day.
• Flip them occasionally.
• Let it cool and enjoy laying down on your fluffy cushions.

Take Matters into Your Own Hands

The cost of having a construction firm or an experienced house repairman is known to be so high. You don’t always have to get people work for you when it comes to home improvement and repairs. You can take matters into your own hands by doing a DIY project. Who doesn’t want to save money when it comes to house repairs?

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