Garage Organization – A Laundry Room In The Garage, Could Save You Thousands!

“Honey, you have to get back, we have a huge issue.” What can be even worse when you reply to your phone? It simply recently happened to me. My spouse called me at work and said: “Honey, you have to get back, we have a huge issue.” Naturally, your mind races and you immediately anticipate the worst. Are the kids ok? Are you ok? Did you get into a mishap, is anybody hurt? Then I hear, “No dear, it’s your home.” Did it burn down, earthquake, electrical, exactly what took place? “Your house, it’s flooded.” Well, it could be even worse, but for property owners, plumbing problems are right up there with the last thing you need to handle. In my case, my spouse continues to inform me that when she got house and opened the garage door a wall of water came out. I triaged the circumstance with her over the phone and learned the water leak was originating from a damaged warm water tube to the laundry machining. I immediately informed her to merely turn off the water line to the washer and the gusher of water stopped. Then I remained on the phone with her as she walked our home and throughout the interior. Obviously, I anticipated the worst. On the other side of the wall where the water line burst is our den with stunning oak wood floorings throughout. As I remained on the line she surveyed the circumstance, to our wonder, the issue was simply in the garage. For a free design consultation, go to;

Good luck # 1. I got back later on that day and I managed to change the pipe, I changed both the cold and hot simply in case. In about an hour and $20 later on, the issue was taken care of. Nevertheless, now I needed to handle the damage in the garage.

Good luck # 2; I just recently arranged my garage with brand-new interlocking tiles, a slatwall organization system on the walls to hang everything on, including all brand-new resin cabinets. So there actually was no damage. I merely squeegee-ed the water out the front of the garage which was it. The interlocking tiles I set up in the garage are developed to permit air flow beneath the tiles and the staying water rapidly dried. Due to the fact that I had actually Slatwall set up on walls, no products were on the flooring and therefore no water damage to my private products, tools, and so on. Due to the fact that my cabinets were constructed of an industrial grade plastic or resin, none of my cabinets had water damage, as would have held true with wood cabinets. Likewise, none of the products within the cabinets were messed up, due to the fact that they were holding on the wall off the flooring. So exactly what might have been a significant multi-thousand dollar catastrophe, actually was repaired, cleaned up and back to regular within a couple hours and $20. Remarkable! The financial investment I had actually made to arrange my garage simply conserved me hundreds of dollars in time and money. Now that was a fantastic investment.

Good luck # 3. About 6 months before our home featured on the HGTV program, “How Much is My House Worth”. On this program, they essentially offer you a market appraisal and inform exactly what readies about your home and exactly what is bad. Overall I was extremely happy with the outcomes. Nevertheless, one product my home was graded down on, was having the washer and clothes dryer in the garage. The TELEVISION host stated, “in this day and age, people do not need to go into the garage to do the laundry.” “The majority of brand-new homes have actually laundry room constructed into your home. And in designs that are 2 stories, they have the utility room on the 2nd flooring to conserve time from going up and down the stairs.” I always remembered that statement. Sadly, shy of a $50,000+ significant remodel of my home, the washer and clothes dryer was going to remain where it was. I could not validate that kind of financial investment on a resale. Nevertheless, I recall now, after the notorious telephone call from my wife and believed how fortunate I was. If the washer and clothes dryer would have been in the house, this would have been a significant catastrophe. The wood floorings and the carpet would have been destroyed. The walls, the insulation, my furnishings and possible mold concerns, I might simply hear the sales register calling constantly. Not to mention the time it would have required to repair it and the effect on our household needing to be displaced while the repair work was looked after. I really thought of calling the TELEVISION program and the host to tell them about my experience and how my downgraded washer and clothes dryer in the garage conserved me thousands. However, I didn’t. Rather I smiled and was glad that whatever ended up the method it did … this time.

The moral of the story, inspect your washer water hoses routinely and change them sooner rather than later. Having your washer and clothes dryer in the garage is not a bad thing, while it may not be the most hassle-free location for your washer and clothes dryer, it might spare you thousands in the long run. And lastly, arrange your garage!

How to Have a Laundry Room in Your Garage and Not Lose Your Mind